Rearchitecting Social Networks

Improving the well-being of users on social networks through blockchain technology.


From the ancient greek δεσμός (“bond, relationship").

As a chain

Desmos is a blockchain built on top of the Cosmos SDK and based on the Tendermint consensus engine specific for social networking apps. It uses game theory and on-chain governance to decentralize the business model of social networks prioritizing the interests of users.

As a token

Desmos Token (DSM) is the native staking token of the Desmos chain which serves as a license for its holders to contribute to the security and governance in exchange for incentives.

Please refer to this introduction paper and indicate you interest in Desmos Token by filling this from.


Social networks: the centralized present compared to Desmos’ decentralized vision.


Social network serves as a centralized intermediary to maximize profit through selling users’ data.


Users have become the social network and receive or send messages based on tokenomic design.

Chain features

How is Desmos’ blockchain different


Initial high amount of inflationary Desmos Tokens to incentivize long term commitment to their bonding.

Equal chances to become a proposer

Proposer selection will be rotated based on a random process that is no longer based on voting power. In the long run, each validator shall have similar probability to become a block proposer. This will create a built-in force to equalize the commissions and improve the P&L for validators.

* The tokenomics is still under active development. Please refer to this document to keep posted and give feedback.


Leonardo Bragagnolo


Rooty Chan

UX Design

Terence Lam

Business & Management

Riccardo Montagnin


Laura Nori

Design & Marketing

Steven Ping

Finance & Operations

Kwun Yeung


Shillin Zheng

Research & Content

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