A blockchain which serves as the backbone to empower the development of user-centric social networks.

Intro Slogan

Privacy Issues

Centralized social networks generate income by infringing on the privacy of their users.


Centralized social networks censor users’ contents which are good for our community but bad for the centralized authority.


Desmos fixed these. It empowers the development of user-centric social networks through below designs:

No centralized control

The network is operated by DSM stakers & validators in a decentralized manner based on game theory.

Public & open-source development

Desmos will keep improving through the contribution by the community.

Engagement yield farming

Users can earn DSM by participating in the networks actively.

Decentralized proof of identity

Users can link up their profiles on decentralized and centralized worlds to create their cross-chain Desmos Profiles.

Profile Slogan

Manage your social identities in one decentralized place.


Desmos Profile aims to provide proof of identity by linking users’ identities from centralized social networks and different “proof of X” blockchains.

Decentralized verification

Verification of social links will be done on Band Protocol through Themis API in a decentralized way.

Incentivized to become verified

We encourage pseudo-anonymous social networking. But if users link more of their profiles to Desmos Profiles, they will be rewarded.

Supply Slogan
Team Slogan

The initial contributor of Desmos is Forbole, a renowned developer, validator and community builder in various blockchain ecosystems.


Ecosystem Slogan

To foster user-centric social media, we need to build a diversified and inclusive ecosystem. We have developed various arms and tools to achieve this.

Forbole is a renowned and experienced validator, developer and community builder for the Interchain.

Big Dipper is an award-winning open-source block explorer which has been forked 140 times.

Forbole X is an all-round crypto management tool for general users aimed at driving wide-adoption of crypto through gamification and education.

Forbole Ventures is a $20M private investment arm of Forbole to invest in projects which will use Desmos Profiles as their user profiles and other features provided by Desmos project.